KP_uke2I graduated with my MLIS from Dominican University in 2016.  One of the best things about attending DU was that it was right in the Chicago suburbs, so I I got a lot of hands-on experiences at some different libraries.  From working at Oak Park Public Library, Berwyn Public Library, and Skokie Public Library, I developed a strong methodology for early literacy, as well as a passion for outreach services.  This blog is intended to be a resource for teachers, parents, and even other librarians who want to help build strong readers.  It’s also a way for me to join the conversation that many librarians are already participating in online.

On this blog, you’ll find storytime resources such as storytime plans, booklists for various age groups, and program reflections.  There are also posts about writing.  In addition to leading a teen writing group called Writing Wednesdays, I love to write myself.

For more library related media by me, check out my twitter at @karapauley.

I also have a couple of other blogs.  For my trip to Italy where I attended the International Children’s Book Fair (and took a picture with these minions), visit kptravels.tumblr.com.  For my fairy tale lib guide, visit this link.  And for my storytime plans during my internship at Oak Park Public Library, visit this link.


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